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20. November 2008 - 22. November 2008

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This event was originally planned as a part of Harrison Owen's tour through Europe with stops in Istanbul, Milano, Amsterdam, Berlin, Tallin and Uppsala. So much for plans. Harrison fell seriously ill and will not show up this time round. After some serious grief work we re-designed the program and are conducting it with most of the originally signed up participants attending the event.

N° of Participants
3 days


Sponsoring Organisations

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    Pannwitz, Yaari

Wave Rider — Leadership for High Performance in a Self Organizing World

The achievement of superior performance for individuals and groups has become the holy grail for organizations and institutions of all sorts. All businesses, governments, NGO’s, and other social service organizations want to optimize their energy and resources in service to the people they support. Individuals have similar concerns, whether that be for reasons of profit, service, or simple
survival in a sometimes not too friendly world. How we get there from here is a critical question. To date, our efforts to reach our goal have largely revolved around planning and design in the belief that we may sufficiently understand our human systems and the environment in which they operate in order to create truly ef.*?cient and effective operations. We have learned a vast amount about the
complexity and interrelatedness of our systems, but that knowledge has served only to increase the enormity of our task. But there is light at the end of the tunnel! The modern sciences of chaos and
complexity have introduced us to a world of bewildering nterconnections and detail. What may have seemed so simple on the surface turns out to be a monster of complexity, made all the more daunting by virtue of the fact that it is in constant and unpredictable transformation. With such a world, ordered, intelligible change seems little more than a phantasm, a wisp of smoke. And yet, for something like 14 billion years the cosmos, and later our little planet, has been evolving into its present ordered state. Were you to ask how did all of this happen the traditional
answer is that God did it. I have no problem with that answer, but it now appears that the Almighty (by whatever name or gender) performed this miracle through an elegantly simple means –
the power of Self Organization.



The program lasts two and a half days. Each morning, Harrison Owen will offer a presentation with the balance of the day spent in Open Space. The several presentations are offered in the spirit of a multi-part fugue with Harrison’s presentation designed to initiate a conversation in which all participants are equal players drawing upon their own unique knowledge and experience. This is not an Open Space Technology training program. However, since the majority of time will be spent in Open Space the participants will have ample opportunity to experience and understand the approach.

Day I

The Meaning of High Performance and Why We Fail to Reach it.

Day II

The Gifts of Self Organization as the Way to High Performance.


The Way of the Wave Rider: Creating the conditions for High Performance for Individuals and Organizations.

Who Should Come?

This program will be of interest to every person concerned to raise and sustain the level of performance for individuals and organizations. Certainly this will include executives and managers as well as parents, children, community workers, politicians, social activists, technicians, and just plain folks. Anybody can effectively become a Wave Rider and all will enjoy and benefit from the experience.


Regular Early Bird Price
Registration before July, 15, 2008
Corporate Rate EUR 1000 EUR 800
Individual Rate EUR 600 EUR 480

Cancellations and refunds

If you cancel for any reason by September 15, 2008, an administrative fee of 50 Euros is retained, the rest will be reimbursed. If you cancel after September 15 until October 15, 50% of the fee is refunded. If you cancel after October 15, there is no refund unless you provide a substitute.

Where to stay?

For those who wish to stay in the Four Star Upstalsboom Hotel where the event takes place, 20 single rooms with discount are reserved until October 20, 2008. The price per night and person is EUR 94. Included is breakfast and access to the sauna and gym. The rooms are equipped with mini bar, shower, SAT-TV and telephone. The hotel offers access to the internet either via a computer terminal in the lobby or WLAN (EUR 8 per hour). While booking the room please refer to the event by using the code word wave rider.

There are a number of hotels of different categories nearby the conference venue where you can stay:

Globetrotter Hostel Odyssee

price: EUR 10 – 29 per person / night

Eastern comfort hostel boat Berlin

price: EUR 16 – 60 per person / night

Hotel Comenius

price: EUR 22 – 49 per person / night

East Side Hotel

price: EUR 60 – 80 per person / night

Hotel Klassik

price: EUR 65 – 85 per person / night

In case you would like to stay with a Berlin colleague, please contact our Chief Housing Officer, Anna Caroline Türk, her contact data are listed in the list of participants.

More Information

Visit Harrison Owen’s personal website click here…