17. May 2012 - 20. May 2012

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International Open Space Conference

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    Toepfer, Jo

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    Owen, Harrison


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    Bodungen, Alexey

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    De Luzenberger, Gerardo

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    Laboda, Sergey


We are living at turbulent times and within permanent transformation. Some communities achieve prosperity while others become desolate. Some businesses grow other go bankrupt.  Societies fall apart and entire countries encounter economic collapse. While all this is goes on we keep on believing in control – wherever in public or private organizations, in politics or communities, in churches or at school. However, broader vision of things sends us an ultimate message: The Universe is self-organizing since the big bang. Chaos, confusion and conflict are integral parts of the constant creative process.

Transformation influence communities and institutions which are constantly looking for adequate position in the permanently changing world. This conference suggests a look on self organization as the effective way of ensuring a right place in the sun…

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social investors, leaders of local communities and civil society institutions, experts and practitioners of self organization from various countries


Thursday, May 17, 2012
morning – arrival and registration
15:00 – opening
16:30 – 18:00 – working session
19:00 – welcoming dinner

Friday, May 18, 2012
9:00 –12:00 – working session
12:00 –15:00 – siesta
15:00 –18:00 – working session

Saturday, May 19, 2012
9:00 –12:00 – action planning
12:00 –15:00 – siesta
15:00 – guided tour
18:00 – sparkling night

Sunday, May 20, 2012


To register please click here…
Regular Fee: EUR 385,00 (plus VAT if applicable)
Early Bird Fee: EUR 350,00 (plus VAT if applicable) if you register before April 20, 2012!

The fee covers conference participation costs, conference materials package, coffee breaks, welcoming dinner, sparkling night and guided tour to the Livadia Palace.

Payment Details

Please pay your fee to the berlin open space cooperative eg with the following details:

Bank national
Account nr: 4012350700
Bank ID: 43060967
Bank name: GLS Gemeinschaftbank
Reference: Name of participant

Bank Europe
IBAN: DE12430609674012350700
Bank name: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank
Bank address: Christstraße 9, D-44789 Bochum
Reference: Name of participant

Paypal worldwide


Upon request organizers provide assistance with booking of accommodation and boarding (BB from 60 Euro, HB from 70 Euro, FB from 80 Euro, all prices are per person / day). Please contact Katerina Chelzova, Tel: +38-044-2961052 for assistance.