26. February 2011

Tags: Peace / Human Rights

Co-facilitated with Ramon Alzate ( and supported by Visi Serrano and Xabier Mínguez (sponsor). Great help by our OS colleague Visi Serrano. A one day event to close the doctorate thesis os Xabier Mínguez, directed by Ramón Alzate. Lots of energy and vibration moved. Start of a big change in plenty of the participants, as stated in the closing circle. Wonderful bright day. Participants (more than 98% fist timers) taking some circles outdoors,... The event was kept quite underground to avoid press and the stuff to guarantee intimacy. Great confidence for speaking in a climate where such conversations (specially with strangers) ar very uncommon. At the end the group decided that the proceeding could be published wherever. Fear was supposed to be a potential factor not to publish, but in the closing circle someone said: "Fear? The only fear we have would be fear not to have them published!". This statement was followed by an outburst of laughter...

N° of Participants
1 day


Sponsoring Organisation

  1. University of the Basque Country


  1. Aurtenetxe Pildain, Eleder