8. December 2007 - 9. December 2007

Tags: Trade Union

The objective of this Literacy Working Group meeting was to explore what the working group members can do to make literacy and clear language part of everything the union does, and what support they need to make it happen. This questions was raised several times at different meetings, but with Open Space, people were able to focus for a day and a half on the question, come up with many possibilities, establish priorities and devise action plans. Some comments at the end of the event were "Wow", "Open Space Technology rocks!", "Feels like the most productive meeting we’ve ever had!" "High productivity with an action plan and direction that`s doable" "Free flow was respectful of each of us and allowed for “ownership” of ideas"

N° of Participants
2 days


Sponsoring Organisation

  1. Syndicat canadien de la fonction publique et Fédération